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Updated July 24, 2022 Check Field Conditions


Today is the last day.  Thank you very much for your interest and business.  The field has grown tired and it's time to call an end to the 2022 season.


2022 Season:   Price for U-Pick Blueberries this year will be $2.50 per pound.  Raspberries are $5.00 per pound.


We hope you and yours are in good health.  It has been quite a year and we wish everyone good health and peace.  This year will be the same model as  a private club.  We will still have a few additional safety measures in place.


We operate a CSA-like business model. Prior to opening for the season, we will be selling a limited number of shares at $60. Those who purchase a share will be able to pick for the 2022 season.  You may bring a limited number of guests and family members to pick with you, but this is meant as a courtesy, not the rule so if you plan to pick over 24lbs of berries in the season, please let us know so we may adjust the number of available shares.

We will still be selling berries by the pound and will be operating on an honor system; you will be expected to weigh your berries and log them as well as any other purchases in a book that will be by the scale. There will be limited quantities of other u-pick foods as well as pre-picked produce, honey and eggs. If you would like to request a large quantity of a specific item, or pre-picked berries that may be arranged by special order.

We will be limiting the number of shares but there will be no limit to how many pounds of blueberries each shareholder can pick. When you have reached the dollar amount paid for your share, you will be responsible for additional purchases. If for any reason you do not pick the full cost of your share, you can use the balance towards other products.

If you would like to purchase a share, please download the PDF below, fill it out, and send it back with payment.

Whirlwind Newsletter CSA form

Thank you,

Amy & Bill